Unforgettable Experience to Spot Pink Dolphins in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a well-developed city for shopping and travelling, which is a very good choice for you to enjoy your holiday. However, if you just have a little time off at weekends rather than be free on weekdays, what will you do in Hong Kong? How will you enjoy your one-day trip in Hong Kong? Where will you decide to go? When talking about Hong Kong, what comes to your mind at first might be the Victoria Peak, Avenue of Stars, Victoria Harbor, Ocean Park or a great number of shopping malls. In order to say good bye to “shopaholic” and enjoy a super special weekend, my friend and I decided to spot playful pink dolphins in Tai O Fishing Village before they are gone.

Pink Dolphin is commonly named for the Sousa Chinensis and also known as the Chinese White Dolphin. Pink Dolphins were first observed in the waters around Hong Kong and the Pearl River Estuary over 300 years ago, but it wasn’t until the late 1980’s that anyone really started paying attention to them. But at present, the number of dolphin in Hong Kong is poorly declining because of the following factors: water pollution, underwater noise pollution, vessel collision and overfishing, habitat loss from coastal development, among which shrinking habitat is the leading one.


The Tai O Fishing Village, located in the west of Lantau Island of Hong Kong, is a community of fishers who have built their houses above the tidal flats in Lantau Island for generations. These unique building structures are interconnected, building an enchanting world for photographer’s paradise. As the most famous existing fishing village in Hong Kong nowadays, Tai O Fishing Village really brought us slow living style and peaceful environment.



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