Chagan Lake

Chagan Lake is a Mongolian term for the holy white lake, which is located in the former Gorlos Autonomous County of Mongol Nationality in the northwestern part of Jilin Province. It lies in the giant water network area at the interface of Nenjiang River and Huolin River, stretching along a total distance of 37 kilometers. In its widest point, the lakes are more than 10 kilometers.
The shoreline of the lake is the wandering course of a stream, with the girth of about 128 kilometers. The water level of the Chagan Lake reached the predetermined 130 meters. The surface area is about 345 square kilometers. Covered by luxuriant trees and richly-colored flowers, Chagan Lake with excellent surroundings is famous for its beautiful scenery. The lake is prolific in the production of carps, silver carp, grass carp, big head, and mud carp there.
Chagan Lake is the vast expanses of water in the summer. The green grass looks just like a carpet, with water and the sky being of one hue. In my viewing the sea from that place where I stood, I perceived the lake stretching for hundreds of miles. The infinite expanse of misty and rolling waters is really breathtaking. The side of the lake is delightfully cool.
For more adrenaline highs, there’s an unbeatable choice of good value activities. The yachting boats rowed rapidly down the stream. People speed through wind and waves on the deep and spacious surface of the lake. Or they choose to go bamboo rafting and travel through the long corridor with pampas grasses that is the winding path leading to a secluded place to enjoy the lotus flowers and playing with water.


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