One Day Tour to See the Essence of Suzhou

Reputed as the “Venice of the East” with many artistic beautiful gardens, romantic ancient water towns, thousand-year-old temples and top-rated museum, Suzhou is one of the most favorite tourist destinations in southern Yangtze River area. So for tourists want to have Suzhou day tour but also be able to see the essence of Suzhou, here are the highlighted must-see attractions in Suzhou.

Stop 1: Suzhou Museum
Suggested time: one hour
Admission fee: free
For lovers of art, architecture and culture, the Suzhou Museum is a fantastic place to visit. Designed by I.M. Pei, a world famous architect, the Suzhou Museum is a perfect combination of modern exhibition hall and Chinese classic garden architecture. Displaying a vast collection of ancient ceramics, cultural relics including Chinese paintings and calligraphies, porcelains, gold and silver wares, jade wares and precious stones, visiting the Suzhou Museum is great to learn the history, art, and culture of Suzhou and also Yangtze River Delta.

Stop 2: Lion Grove Garden
Suggested time: 2 hours
Admission fee: 30RMB
The Lion Garden is one of the 9 classical gardens in Suzhou. It was built in 1342 during the Yuan Dynasty. Reputed as ‘the Kingdom of Rockery’, the whimsical rock formations and rockery made from limestone found in nearby Taihu Lake are the most attractive landscapes in Lion Grove Garden. Rocks formations and rockeries are ingeniously designed in different vivid postures and with the wondering paths and caverns, the garden is like a maze.

Stop 3: Pingjiang Ancient Street
Suggested time: 3 hours
Admission fee: free

Pingjiang Ancient Street is a well-preserved ancient street in Suzhou. With a length of 1,606 meters, this cobblestone street parallels the Pingjiang River and is lined with antique shops, teahouses, cafes. The Pingjiang Ancient Street is a great place to experience the classic scenery of ancient cobblestone street, water, and bridge. Also you can take a boat trip on the river and have a leisure time at the poetic scenery.


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