Yunnan Nationalities Museum in Kunming

Yunnan Museum of Minority Nationalities is spread over an area of 130,000 square meters with a built up area of 60,000 square meters. For administrative convenience the museum is divided in to research and experiment center, collection of materials and exhibition areas. Altogether there are 16 galleries created here to exhibit the various items to support the main theme of the museum. This is one of the comprehensive ethnology museums in People’s Republic of China. This challenging project was opened for the public in the year 1995. Yunnan Museum of Minority Nationalities is situated near to the eastern bank of Dianchi Lake, very close to Yunnan Nationalities Village, in Kunming the capital city of Yunnan Province.


About The Museum
A wide range of materials and relics consisting of more than 120,000 pieces are displayed here under 16 categories. The categories are various ethnic groups, ancient books, personal dresses and adornment, arts and cultural relics, ecology, technical things related their life, potteries and various utensils, stones and working tools. The aim of the museum is to spread the awareness of diverse cultural styles existed and being practiced among various ethnic minority groups and their life style with various thematic lectures, exhibitions, joint sessions of community based education, thematic education programs, building ethnic harmony between different ethnic groups, extracurricular activities for students, develop patriotism, better co-operation between various school and inter museum cooperation’s, create scientific base about the evolution of society and human being, develop strong volunteer teams and provide museum membership.

Yunnan-Nationalities-Museum-in-Kunming (6)

Travel Tips
The museum is opened from 9AM to 5PM and Monday will be closed. Transportation to the museum is comparatively very easy. Visitors from far away cities can reach to Kunming city by air, train or long distance bus service. From the Kunming city, bus routes 135, 172, 184, 233, 24, 44, 73 can take you to the exhibition location. Or alternatively, tourist can engage a taxi. Group tourist can engage tourist coaches or mini buses to reach to location. Buy some souvenirs to keep the memories of this wonderful visit from the souvenir shops! Yunnan Nationalist Museum is an important exhibition center to show case the cultural heritage of China to the world.


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