Walking in Furong Ancient Town

Furong Ancient Town has a local name which is Wang village. This antique beauty town has two thousand year history, it is located in the Yongshun county of the Hmong nationality autonomous prefecture, Xiangxi district. And the new name “Furong town” come from a movie, that movie’s name is the same as the new name of the village, and this movie filmed in this village. Therefore they give the village a new name- Furong town.

The Furong town is not only beautiful, but also has a very strong folk culture. The stilted building is one of the special local architecture, and the local people are still keeping more than 300 cultural relic of Tujia nationality. These are symbol the local culture.

This scenic region is not like the others, business is not very popular here. Everywhere is just keeping the unique local culture ambience.

Xizhou Copper Pillar

Talk about the culture, i could like to say something about the famous culture relic which is the “Xizhou copper pillar”. The Xizhou copper pillar is located in the Yongshun county, Hunan province. The copper pillar has 4 meters tall, and 2,500 kilogram weight. It is an octagon copper pillar, inside of the pillar has been full of money which belong to the reign of Ma, and that money is made of iron. There is an article on the pillar also.

The pillar was starting to build in the Song dynasty (1017), and the most interesting thing is the king of Chu state had made a treaty for no war with Pengshichou who is the leader of this area ( you could see the pillar from the picture).

I guess you have heard the stilted building, if you didn’t, then you should have a look the picture up there. If you have enough time, you could spend a night in this building. But of course, you need to choose the house which nearby the river, and the top floor with a gallery is the best choice.


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