Top Six Most Beautiful Ancient Towns and Villages in China Part-1

An ancient town or ancient village always attract tourists not only for its long history, beautiful scenery and the rich historical sites, but also the profound cultural background, the traditional lifestyle and antique atmosphere, and as well as simple people and delicious food. For tourists traveling to China for the first time, or for tourists wanting to experience some local life and culture, ancient towns and villages are ideal destinations.

Here let’s have a look at the Top 6 Most Beautiful Towns and Villages in China.

1. Tibetan Village in Danba County, Sichuan Province


Danba County is located in Garze Tibetan Prefecture in Sichuan Province. Considered as one of the most beautiful ancient villages in China, Danba is also an ideal destination for photography. With the fascinating natural scenery, magnificent snow mountains, grasslands, valleys, rivers, enchanting Tibetan villages, and the local people and culture, Danba is a great destination to appreciate the beauty of Western Sichuan and also for tourists go for Sichuan tours.

Danba is famed to be “the Kingdome of Thousands Watchtowers” with numerous ancient watchtowers distributed and ancient watchtowers in Suopo are the most outstanding ones. Famous Tibetan villages in Danba including Suopo Stockade Village and Jiaju Tibetan Village are very famous and worth seeing.


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