Longzhong Scenic Area

Longzhong Scenic Area is located in Xiangyang, Hubei Province with a total area of 209 square kilometers, including five scenic spots, namely the Ancient Longzhong, Water Mirror Manor, Cheng’en Temple, Qili Mountain and the Crane River. It is regarded as “the cradle of wisdom” and “the birthplace of the division of three kingdoms” due to the story that Liu Bei, a descendant of the royalty, visited Zhuge Liang who led the life of a recluse three times with sincerity, in order to invite him to be his military counsellor.


One of the main attractions is Longzhong Memorial Arch, built in Qing Dynasty in AD 1893, is a sign of Longzhong. It is about 6 meters tall and about 10 meters long. The second attraction is the Zhuge Thatched Cottage which is in Han style. This is the exact place where Liu Bei has visited three times and where the famous “Longzhong Plan” came from. The cottage is designed in accordance with the same style when Kongming was living there with simple and plain furnishings—only a koto, a sword and several rolls of letters.


Another one is Wuhou Ancestral Temple which was built in Tang Dynasty. The main body consists of five parts, namely the first door, the second door, Liu Bei hall, the passing hall and Zhuge Liang hall, which were strictly arranged on one axis from the south to the north.


Of course, there are still many other scenic relics that I cannot describe here for you. Such as the Wolong Distant Area, the Tiny Hong Bridge, the six-angled well the Longzhong Academy and so on.


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