Top Six Most Beautiful Ancient Towns and Villages in China Part-4

4.Wuyuan in Jiangxi Province

For tourists traveling to China in spring would never miss out Wuyuan because of its spectacular of rapeseed flowers. Wuyuan is located in northeast of Jiangxi Province, not far away from the world-famous Mount Huang in Anhui Province. Reputed as “the most beautiful village in China”, Wuyuan is home to many ancient well-preserved villages from Ming and Qing dynasties. As a famous cultural and ecological tourist county in China, Wuyuan attract numerous tourists every year for its fantastic natural scenery, beautiful ancient architectures and unique local culture.

Wuyuan-in -Jiangxi-Province1

In the ancient villages in Wuyuan, you will see ancient Ming and Qing dynasties buildings with white walls and gray tiles in the classic Hui-style. Also there are many ancient bridges, stone-flagged lanes, clear rivers, and the quaint rural landscapes and life. Wuyuan has the most beautiful season in spring when rapeseed flowers in bloom. There are about 50 ancient small villages in Wuyuan, and some of the most famous ones include Xiaoqi Village, Likeng Village, Jiangwan Village and Wangkou Village.

Wuyuan-in -Jiangxi-Province2


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