Where to Travel in China During the Crowded Holidays—Natural Part

It is highly recommended to avoid the golden holidays when having intention to travel China by lot of travelers and professional travel agencies. But how to choose the attractions where you can absolutely avoid the crowded and simultaneously enjoy your trip to China if you happen to be here? Here are the best holiday destinations for you to appreciate the unique sightseeing spots! Ouch~~~Be ready to be amazed!

Wulong Karst Landscapes—The Unperceived Garden of Eden

As one of the three outstanding karst landscapes with the other two are Yunnan Stone Forest and Guizhou Libo karst landscapes, Wulong karst landscapes is located at the lower reaches of Wu River, within Wulong County of Chongqing Municipality, China.


Xinduqiao Town—The Paradise for Photographer

Xiaoduqiao Town, located on the only route between Tibet and Kangding, in the west of Kangding, Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in western Sichuan Province, is a picturesque world for photographer because of its natural landscapes and stunning lights.


Xiapu County-–A World of Lights and Shadow

With the longest coastline of more than 400 kilometers in China, Xiapu County, located in the north of Fuzhou, Fujian Province, is regared as the most charming fishing village and the most beautiful mudflat located in the northeast part of China’s Fujian Province.



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