Chinese Martial Arts Museum in Shanghai

You might have seen Chinese Kongfu or martial arts so many times, superstars like Bruce Lee, Jackie Chen and Jet Li. I believe it is in their nature that some guys have heroic complex and have dreamed of they can master great martial arts skills more than once. The origin of Chinese martial arts can be traced back tothe Xia Dynasty more than 4000 years ago. It is said the Yellow Emperor Huangdi (legendary date of ascension 2698 BC) introduced the earliest fighting systems to China.


Chinese Martial Arts Museum is situated in Shanghai, established by institute of physical education,covering an area of square meters. It is the first museum with the theme of martial arts. Stepping in the museum, there is a map of China coming in sight, showing all the places where martial arts were originated, including 129 kinds martial arts.The prologue is the museum is Harmony with nature we seek, Ways of pen & sword we explore,Purisuiting knowledge & skills we aspire and Solidarity of people we strive for.




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