Shanghai Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine

In recent years, natural herbs have become more and more popular in medical industry. People from all around the world have come to realize health tops all and start to look for natural cures for some diseases. Most of traditional Chinese herbs have less side effect and do less harm to the body.


Traditional Chinese Medicine has a history of more than two thousands years ago. According to the record, the earliest medical literature of herbs was Shen Nong’s Herbal
Classic, which contains 365 kinds traditional Chinese medicines, in accordance with 365 days in a year. Shennong is credited with identifying hundreds of medical (and poisonous) herbs by personally testing their properties, which was crucial to the development of Traditional Chinese medicine.


Shanghai Museum of TCM is located in the campus of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, covering an area of over 4000 square meters.It was built to promote the spirit and culture of traditional Chinese medicine, telling the stories of those magical herbs in history. If you are very interested in traditional Chinese medicine and think it is too boring to go through a thick dull book, this museum is the perfect place to go. The well-designed museum display a great number of items with great significance.


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