The Initial Characteristic Towns of China—Guizhou Part 2

Maotai Town

Located by the Chishui River in Renhuai City, Maotai Town is prestigious as the “ No.1 Liquor Town in China”, where is famous for its Maotai Liquor enjoying the equal popularity and reputation with Whisky and Brandy. Walking around the town, you will feel the vigor of national liquor of China.


Jiuzhou Old Town

Jiuzhou Old Town, situated in the southeast of Anshun City, Guizhou Provinve, is about 80 kilometers away from the capital city Guiyang and 37 kilometers away from the downtown of Anshun.


Xijiang Miao Village

Xijiang Miao Village, also called China’s Miao Stockade Village of One-thousand Households, is believed to be the largest Miao Village in China. Xijiang Miao Village is located in the north of Leishan County, the southeast of Guizhou Province, surrounded by rugged lands and rolling mountains.




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