Sera Monastery: you can not miss the debate

For many people travelling to Tibet, the temples that full of mysterious atmosphere in Tibetan Plateau are the most attractive.


The mystery attraction contained in the magnificent architecture and treasures, and also from the groups of very devout believers, as well as from all kinds of ritual activities with religious and ethnic characteristics. Especially, they won’t miss the debate which has a long history.


Debate is a necessary way to study the Buddhism for the Tibetan Buddhism Lama. It is said that it was first came from India. Debates among monks on the Buddhist doctrines are integral to the learning process in the colleges in the Sera Monastery complex. This facilitates better comprehension of the Buddhist philosophy to attain higher levels of study. This exemplary debating tradition supplemented with gestures is said to be exclusive to this monastery, among the several other monasteries of Lhasa. Visitors also attend to witness these debates that are held as per a set schedule, every day in the “Debating Courtyard” of the monastery.


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