The Incredible Ranwu Lake in Tibet

On the 318 National Highway of Sichuan-Tibet Highway, there lies the beautiful Ranwu Lake. Located in Basu County of Changdu Area in Tibet, Ranwu Lake is the largest lake in southeastern Tibet with an occupation of 22 square kilometers at an elevation of 3,850 meters above the sea level. Though this is just a transfer station, its captivating scenery has brought sweet memory for people travel to Tibet.


Ranwu Lake is surrounded by magnificent snow-capped mountains and glaciers. There is the Gangrigabu Snow Mountain in the southeast, the Azhagongla Glacier in the south and the Bosula Peak in the northeast. These towering snow mountains and glaciers are great companions to the Ranwu Lake, they provide water supply to the lake and also are natural backgrounds to the captivating Ranwu Lake.



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