Mouthwatering Snacks in Chengdu!   Part-2

Ten kinds of famed local Chengdu snacks were introduced in last blog(Part-1), which are mainly in strong and spicy flavor. If you like something delicate, multitudinous Chengdu snacks also won’t let you down. Now follow me to explore another side of Chengdu snacks! Laoma Pig’s Trotter: The prime ingredients of Laoma Pig’s Trotter are, of … More Mouthwatering Snacks in Chengdu!   Part-2

Shijiazhuang Botanical Garden (Part 1)

Shijiazhuang Botanical Garden was founded in 1998, whose total area reached 167 hectares. This large-scale botanical garden looks magnificent. Botanical Garden is divided into two parts: indoor exhibition area and outdoor exhibition area. Firstly, let’s know something about Bonsai Art Museum which has a front yard and a back yard. Secondly, I will recommend to you … More Shijiazhuang Botanical Garden (Part 1)

Diaoshuilou Waterfall – Volcanic By Product

Diaoshuilou Waterfall is the 3rd largest waterfall in China located in the southwestern part of Ningan County in Heilongjiang Province. The waterfall is 40 meters in wide and very close to Jingbo Lake. Water from the waterfall is flowing in to Mudanjiang River. The roaring sound of the water pound at the plunge pool below … More Diaoshuilou Waterfall – Volcanic By Product

Dujiangyan Irrigation Project Man Made Wonder

Dujiangyan Irrigation Project is a magnanimous irragation infrastructure believed to be constructed in 256 BC. This is one of the picturesque locations situated in the Sichuan province of China. Located in Min River this irrigation system was constructed during the Kingdom of Qin. Much international tourist attention is being grabbed by this irrigation project due … More Dujiangyan Irrigation Project Man Made Wonder