Visit China’s Last Reindeer Tribe

In the original forests of Daxinganling, northeastern Inner Mongolia, there is a mysterious tribes inhabited by hunting and herding reindeer – Aoluguya Ewenki; they hide in the Snowy Forest, survive under extreme conditions, and adhere to the most primitive way of hunting…they are also known as China’s last “hunting tribes”.  In Genhe City (the hinterland … More Visit China’s Last Reindeer Tribe

Naadam on the Plateau

Naadam is a traditional type of festival in Mongolia. The games are Mongolian wrestling, horse racing and archery and are held throughout the country during the midsummer holidays. Women have started participating in the archery and girls in the horse-racing games, but not in Mongolian wrestling. The biggest festival is held in the Mongolian capital … More Naadam on the Plateau

Xilamuren Grassland: A Emerald on the Inner Mongolia

Xilamuren Grassland is a typical highland pastures. In recent years, the local governments continue to invest to improve the reception facilities, so it has become a famous Inner Mongolia Grassland tourist spot. Xilamuren Grassland How to play: Walking in the Xilamuren grasslands, you will see the unique aobao in grasslands of Inner Mongolia. Aobao is … More Xilamuren Grassland: A Emerald on the Inner Mongolia