Tibet – Drepung Monastery devout Buddha crowds

Shoton Festival, is a traditional Tibetan festival, and is currently a legal holiday in the Tibet Autonomous Region, annually held in Tibetan calendar by the end of June and early July. Shoton Festival means a festival of eating yogurt. Because there is a grand scale sunning of the Buddha ceremony and grand and warm Tibetan … More Tibet – Drepung Monastery devout Buddha crowds

Walked in the Snow-covered Spring Nyingchi

Everywhere is very beautiful in Tibet. This article mostly introduces the scenery along Nyingchi in addition to the peach. From the region of Tibet, Nyingchi is different from other areas of Tibet: she was forceful stretching in the plateau. It is just like a turquoise decorated in a snow-capped mountains deep valley and endless forests. … More Walked in the Snow-covered Spring Nyingchi

Those Nomadic People

Nomadism is one of grassland animal husbandry operation mode, and the nomad move from one place to another with the plants. Herders have no fixed residence, living nomadic lives, and the production equipments are also very simple, basically in the backward lives. In order to capture the most realistic scene of nomadic people, I stayed … More Those Nomadic People