Chengdu Travel Guide

FAQ When is the best timing to Chengdu? Spring and autumn are the best timing to Chengdu. These two seasons are suitable to travel around suburban Chengdu. The temperature is cozy. Chengdu is located at basin area, thus it can be pretty hot in summer. In winter, Chengdu can be quite cold. But because Chengdu … More Chengdu Travel Guide

Mouthwatering Snacks in Chengdu! Part-1

Chengdu, capital of Sichuan Province in China, is Crowned as Asia’s first UNESCO City of Gastronomy in 2010. The historical and multitudinous Chengdu snacks has more than 10 kinds of flavors, like fragrant and sweet, salty and sweet, pepper spicy, hot pepper oil, sweet and sour, mashed garlic flavored etc.Now let’s see what on earth Chengdu snacks got? Hot pot: Hot … More Mouthwatering Snacks in Chengdu! Part-1

Sichuan Travel Tips

Sichuan Overview Sichuan Province is called Chuan or Shu for short, and has always been known as the “Land of Abundance”. Located in the southwest of China, Sichuan attaches to Chongqing in the east; Yunnan and Guizhou in the south; Tibet in the west; Qinghai, Gansu, and Shaanxi in the north. Western Sichuan is the plateau, which … More Sichuan Travel Tips

Huanglongxi, Millennium Ancient Sichuan Flavor Town

Although the reputation of Huanglongxi Ancient Town is not so far and wide as Lijiang and Fenghuang, but it is also has unique style of the thousand years of ancient Sichuan. Huanglongxi Ancient Town is only 40 kilometers from Chengdu, some away from the hubbub and can be felt a lengthy time here. Clear Jinjiang water joins the beautiful … More Huanglongxi, Millennium Ancient Sichuan Flavor Town

Indulge in the Summer Lavender Field in Chengdu Pi County

Waiting for love, waiting for the miracle of love, which is the language of flowers of the lavender Lavender is like the romance French, making boys and girls rush there;  As soon as walk into the farm, the first thing you see is a verbena flower fields. Piece of lavender and verbena in the flower … More Indulge in the Summer Lavender Field in Chengdu Pi County

Music Park: Music Make the City More Casual

When talking about Chengdu, many people will think of teahouse, mahjong, gourmet, beauties, and alleys there.  In short when mention Chengdu, everyone has a different answer in mind, has a different understanding of Chengdu. Now, there is a new interesting place, that is, Chengdu Eastern Music Park. Since then, music gives new life and vitality … More Music Park: Music Make the City More Casual