A Bite of Yangshuo

In addition to sightseeing, our common feeling is the Yangshuo diet. With the intervention of Western culture, competition, and the mature of market, Yangshuo catering industry rose to a new level. The specific is that the price is generally the same, even the shops in the West Street will not in a very high price; … More A Bite of Yangshuo

The Rainy West Street

West Street was built in 590 AD. So far, it has 1,400 years of history. West Street is 1180 meters long and 8 meters wide, both sides of the street are simple and elegant houses, with tiles, sloping roof, white washed walls, and hanging balconies. West Street is one kind of inner petty bourgeoisie style, whose business … More The Rainy West Street

Guilin Yangshuo Tours (Recommendation of Eating, living and traveling)

Guilin: Due to not arranging to travel in Guilin, I live only one night as a transit point. So I’m not familiar with the scenery spots. No recommendation for you. Longji: If you want to visit Terraced Field, you’d better find a local guide. The road up to the mountain is complicated. It’s easy to waste times … More Guilin Yangshuo Tours (Recommendation of Eating, living and traveling)