Zhongnanhai – “The White House” of China

Close to the Forbidden City located the gorgeous imperial garden Zhongnanhai, in the heart of Beijing, the capital of China. Its origin dated back to ancient times, the royal garden today is the home for the Secretariat of the Communist Part of China, the State Council for People Republic of China and the General Office of Communist Part of China. It is the other White House for Chinese as the way what American administration do activities at White House. So obliviously it is the political power house of China, were state leaders and top Communist Party of China officials and PRC leaders carry out their daily administrative activities! Most of the delegate level meetings between countries are being conducted in this location. It shows the political importance of Zhongnanhai and well known land mark location in China.


The three big lakes:

Three big lakes, alternatively called as three seas are boarded to the west side of the complex. The three seas are named as the North Sea, South Sea and Central Sea. The two lakes, Central and South lakes are inclusive in Zhongnanhai, which is having a collective area of 1,500 acres. Out of this 700 acres are the lake. A magnificent garden is created and maintained to its pristine quality as a show case symbol China’s exceptional power of quality and beauty. The location is an enthralling experience with its rich beauty. It was the home for Chairman and Founder of China, Mao Ze Dong. 

Xinhua – the main gate:

The main entrance to Zhongnanhai is Xinhuamen or Xinhua Gate which can be translated as “Gate of New China”. You can see two famous slogans that are placed on the right and left side of the gate, written to read as “long live the great Communist Part of China and “long live the invincible Mao Zedong Thought”. Also inside the entrance a handwritten message by Mao Zedong, “Serve the People” can be seen on a big screen. The main entrance is on the West Chang’an Avenue. The main gate Xinhua is 500 meter west of the famous Tiananmen Square.


No public access:

Public access to the gate is closed in 1989 after the Tiananmen Square protest. The area is a fortified landmark and vehicles are not allowed to stop here. Security arrangements are so tight to guard the prestigious complex as this is the face of China to the outer world. After the Cultural Revolution, entry to the complex was allowed to public against pass issued by the government authorities. 

History of Zhongnanhai:

Surfing through the history you can see that it was first built during the Liao and Jin Dynasties which were dated back to 907-1125 and 1115-1234 respectively. The complex was further expanded and renovated during Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. During Ming Dynasty, Beijing was made as the capital of China and constructed it as the Forbidden City. The famous garden was also constructed during Ming Dynasty. The Qing Dynasty come to an end during 1911 and Zhongnanhai had witnessed lots of politician changes. In 1949 the Peoples Republic of China was created, Zhongnanhai became the head quarters and also the Head Quarters for Chinese Communist Party. All the important political decision such as the name of nation, the national anthem and the national flag was decided at Zhongnanhai during the First Plenary Session of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference!


Tourists are allowed to walk outside the complex. It is indeed one of the prestigious locations in China that you should never allow to miss.


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