Luding Bridge – An Important Element in History of Chinese Revolution

Luding Bridge is located in Luding County in Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. It is situated over the River Dadu that flows through Luding County in Sichuan Province of China. This bridge is nearly eighty kilometers west to Ya’an City. It was constructed during the period of Qing Dynasty. Therefore, it is regarded as a popular historical landmark. In the year 1935, when the Long March occurred, the warriors of 4th Regiment of army of Workers and Peasants in China protected Luding Bridge as an essential one for Red Army to cross.


Engineering marvel:

The Luding Bridge construction started in period of Kangxi reign, that is, from 1644 to 1911. This bridge is an iron suspension bridge with a length of hundred 100 meters. The width of Luding Bridge is twenty eight meters. The height of the bridge is fourteen meters from the surface level of water.

The entire bridge possesses thirteen iron chains. Each iron chain has a weight of two and half tons. Out of these thirteen iron chains, 9 chains of parallel type are tied well to either banks of Dadu River. Over the iron chains, wooden boards are very perfectly spread to help passengers to have an easy walk on it. The remaining four iron chains are being suspended on the left and right sides of Dadu River with 2 chains connected on sides to serve as the powerful handrails. There is a stele on which the name of Luding Bridge is written. It was written by famous Emperor Kangxi. It is at present hung at a bridge end such that it can be viewed by all visitors. In eastern side of Luding Bridge, there is a stele Royal Stele specifically for the Luding Bridge which is also written by great Chinese Emperor Kangxi.


Chinese heroic chapter linked to Luding Bridge

On twenty ninth day of May 1935, the earliest Corps of the Red Army in China came to Luding County near Dadu River in a Long March. During that moment, a blockage was created by the 2 opponent battalions at the opposite Dadu river bank. In the intervening time, the chief troop of the rivals was running after them. This made the headquarters to take decision of organizing a powerful commando that has twenty two soldiers for crossing the Dadu River forcibly. The members of the commando bellied towards front by strongly scrambling the iron chains while facing the rain of bullets from their enemy’s side. Finally, they grabbed the Luding Bridge, and also wiped out the defensive opponents. The entire corps, after that, did cross River Dadu carefully and got rid of every opponent. Thus crossing of this river is known to people of China as a powerful heroic chapter in its history of Revolution in land of China. Even though there was lack of essential boats, Luding Bridge offered an alternative option for warriors to move to Yan’an further.  


Travel Tips

Luding Bridge located in Luding County can be reached very easily. Bus services and taxi services are available regularly from main bus stations of Sichuan province. 


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