Mount Jiuhua – A Sacred Buddhist Mountain in China

Mount Jiuhua is located in Anhui province, specifically in southwest Qingyang County. It is bordered in north by Yangtze River. It covers total area of a hundred square kilometres and boasts ninety nine peaks and eighteen beautiful spots. The graceful landscape as well as pleasant climate of Mount Jiuhua has made it a very popular destination for summer season in China for over two thousand years. The peculiar feature of this mountain is its risky overhanging cliffs and magnificent peaks. It is also having countless springs, old caves, waterfalls, gurgling streams, misshapen rocks, lively bamboos and beautiful boulders. The charming scenery keeps changing with changes in seasons.


Jungle of Buddhist shrines

The Mount Jiuhua is a famous Buddhist shrine in China. There are lot of ancient temples; most of which are devoted to Ksitigarbha who is guardian of life forms in hell as per traditions of Mahayana Buddhism. Few prominent temples situated at the Mount Jiuhua are Tianchi Temple, Huacheng Temple, Baisuigong Temple, Zhiyuan Temple, Guoqing Temple, Roushen Temple, Dabeilou Temple, Zhantanlin Temple and Qiyuansi Temple. This tourist destination is a holy site identified as a very sacred mountain. As per the historical records, the introduction of Buddhism occurred in 401 at Mount Jiuhua. People conduct several religious rituals here in order to worship and adore God of Earth.


Architectural Wonders

The well-preserved ancient temples here possess magnificent structure and superb architecture. The gorgeous landscape at Mount Jiuhua offers a scenic spot to all visitors. Several cultural relics and valuable sutras are exhibited in historical relics museum located at Mount Jiuhua. Throughout past ages, the gorgeousness of this destination has caught the attention of lot many men of letters. This mountain is popular just for the holiness. The number of temples counts to nearly ninety at Mount Jiuhua. The majority of them are restores in the Qing and Ming dynasties.

The holiest and most ancient temple at Mount Jiuhua is Huacheng Temple. It is situated in the middle of the Jiuhua Street. It looks solemn and simple at first but its decoration and building structure is in fact artistic. The beautiful engravings on roofs, brackets and lintels of this temple reinforce it liveliness, spirit and brightness. There are popular halls in Mount Jiuhua such as Longevity Hall, Incarnation Hall, and more. In main shrine hall, the portrait that displays nine dragons playing with pearls is placed. It is recognized as one consummate piece of ancient art in China.


The largest statue of Bodhisattva

The largest Bodhisattva statue across the globe is located at Mount Jiuhua. Its construction was started in 2001. The statue is made of copper and has a height of 15.5 metres. It resembles the likeness of god of wisdom, Buddha. Its statue archetype is Prince Jin Qiaojue from great Xinluo kingdom. The most attractive feature of Mount Jiuhua is that it positions top among all Chinese Buddhist shrines on basis of concentration of monasteries, its interior furnishings and fineness of preserved images related to Buddhism. Numerous inscriptions can be found on cliffs of the Mt. Jiuhua are an inspiring experience.


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